Tanner Hill, Micaela Bartlett win first Alpine race of season

PITTSFIELD — The 2017 Berkshire County League Alpine ski season opened on Monday evening at Bousquet Ski Area, with wins for Monument Mountain's Micaela Bartlett and Wahconah's Tanner Hill.

Each defending team champion also won, as Lenox's girls and Wahconah's boys both finished in first place at the slalom event.

The girls went first, and Bartlett held off the other 29 competitors with a time of 47.06 seconds.

"The first race of the season is always a fun one, because you don't know what to expect," Bartlett said. "I've grown up skiing at Bousquet, so I've skied that race trail my whole life. But I think they always find something new to throw into the course. I don't think it's the same every single time. There's always something different I have to pay attention to and be like, 'that's the spot I'm going to keep my eyes out for.' So I'm used to it, but at the same time, it's different."

Lenox's Taylor Knight was second (48.20) while Monument's Carly Terranova was third (49.25). Rounding out the top five were Lenox's Abby Kate Caproni (50.30) and Lenox's Ella King (50.93).

For the Lenox girls, Knight, Caproni and King all finished in the aforementioned top five while Hani Chung was seventh as the squad rolled to victory. The Millionaires finished with a time of 202.54 while second-place finisher Monument combined to time out in 219.67.

On the boys side, Hill won the race in 42.74, over two seconds faster than second-place finisher David Mansfield of Pittsfield (44.83). Taconic's Cody Latimer was third (45.37), Wahconah's Drew Dunham was fourth (46.62) and Lenox's Paul Curtil was fifth (46.97).

Hill was the 15th boy to race out of 29, and had to go through a delay along with most of the other boys after there were problems with the timing. The first two boys had times, and the next two had to re-run after they didn't register times on their first runs.

"I was just kind of worried because I was getting cold," Hill said.

Hill, Dunham, Kyle Brogan (sixth place) and Sam Clayton (18th) were the scorers for Wahconah in the win. Wahconah's team time was 193.12 while second-place finisher Lenox recorded a 199.40.

"We all ski as one group," Hill said. "It's kind of like, you're trying to one-up the guy, but at the same time you're trying to get the same time or have him get better than you so your team gets faster and better."

With temperatures in the mid-teens, the first race of this season was colder than most, if not all, of the races from last season.

"I like racing when it's this cold, personally," Bartlett said. "The skis, it's better, the snow is better. The course holds up, there's a good surface. I prefer skiing in this kind of cold weather.

"Anything under 32 is much more preferable than the 50 degrees that we skied in almost all of last year."


Boys Individual

1. Tanner Hill (W) 42.74. 2. David Mansfield (P) 44.83. 3. Cody Latimer (T) 45.37. 4. Drew Dunham (W) 46.62. 5. Paul Curtil (L) 46.97. 6. Kyle Brogan (W) 47.12. 7. Raphael Kummer-Landeau (M) 47.40. 8. Max Tabakin (P) 49.03. 9. Max DiGrigoli (L) 49.92. 10. Josh Mansfield (P) 50.52. 11. Devon Atwell (L) 50.81. 12. Matthew Shields (L) 51.70. 13. Ben Higa (M) 53.30. 14. Ethan Coe (T) 53.58. 15. Andrew King (L) 53.99. 16. Zach Suffish (L) 54.63. 17. Ryan Keenan (P) 56.00. 18. Sam Clayton (W) 56.64. 19. Walter Boyko (M) 60.24. 20. Nate Robarge (P) 67.43.

Boys Team

1. Wahconah 193.12. 2. Lenox 199.40. 3. Pittsfield 200.38. 4. Taconic 243.28. 5. Monument Mountain 245.45.

Girls Individual

1. Micaela Bartlett (M) 47.06. 2. Taylor Knight (L) 48.20. 3. Carly Terranova (M) 49.25. 4. Abby Kate Caproni (L) 50.30. 5. Ella King (L) 50.93. 6. Jill Scussel (T) 51.38. 7. Hani Chung (L) 53.11. 8. Morgan Schnauber (T) 54.06. 9. CeCe Dunham (W) 55.18. 10. Aspen Burke (W) 58.06. 11. Adelaide McFarland (M) 58.17. 12. Mackenzie Sullivan (W) 61.02. 13. Emma Mazzeo (P) 61.28. 14. Danni Orlando (W) 64.38. 15. Molly Stephen (M) 65.19. 16. Carolyn Guachione (P) 65.51. 17. Megan Moore (P) 66.53. 18. Sophia Smith (M) 66.94. 19. Erin Murphy 69.26. 20. Randi Robbins (T) 71.88.

Girls Team

1. Lenox 202.54. 2. Monument Mountain 219.67. 3. Wahconah 238.64. 4. Pittsfield 262.58. Taconic 262.86.

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