Letter: Trump's blunder goes beyond careless, stupid

To the editor:

An apparently irresistible urge to "share" top secret information struck Donald Trump as he talked with two senior Russian officials at a meeting in the White House last week.

It's debatable whether the president, as Trump predictably insists, has the "right" to declassify anything he wants to. Still, before he starts blathering top secret information that will almost certainly damage an intelligence-sharing partnership that advances the war on ISIS and other terrorist organizations, Trump might want to get in some practice.

Perhaps he could start with releasing his tax returns. This would be consistent with the Trumpian strategy of distracting public attention from issues Trump considers dodgy, certainly not the least of which is what a nation is to do with a president who regularly and proudly celebrates ignorance, fear and prejudice.

Careless and stupid as it was, Trump's stumble-bum move last week put to rest, at least for this nervous citizen, any doubt about who constitutes the greatest threat to national security in American history.

D.R. (Dusty) Bahlman,



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