Letter: Some positive signs from White House

To the editor:

I was skeptical about writing any more letters but after encouragement from several friends and acquaintances, I decided to continue writing. Letters are an outlet for me and apparently also for some who read them. In addition to hearing from others after my letter last month ("Election prompts a step away from letters") I received a nice postcard from Ruth Bass, also encouraging me to continue. If someone with her character and background likes my letters, what else is there to say?

I was extremely saddened by the use of chemicals in Syria and could not watch the newscasts without weeping. President Trump showed some gumption in sending an airstrike quickly even though some newscasts said he should have spoken to Congress first. As just an average citizen, I thought he did the right thing. Maybe the element of surprise was needed and will give pause to further atrocities in the short term. Evidently the air strikes did not ruin the airport or the chemical weapons, which were apparently moved to another location. But Assad now knows that we will act when necessary.

It appears that Steve Bannon has lost some of his influence on Trump. This would be a good thing given his reported ties with white supremacists. I am SO tired of those who have a need to feel superior to anyone not looking like them, acting like them or agreeing with their politics.

While we are enjoying our Easter season, let us remember those who are without food, water and shelter and just trying to stay alive. Please say a prayer for them.

Connie Dillon Yannone,



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