Letter: Solving refugee crisis is US responsibility

To the editor:

Since the U.S. election, it seems as though people have forgotten about the great refugee crisis that still engulfs nations from Canada to Turkey. In 2016, mainstream media raised awareness with a photo of a shocked Syrian boy covered in blood and debris. Shortly after, the world forgot about him.

For countries like Greece and Turkey, who are on the crisis's front lines, the reality is always there and therefore unforgettable. At times I wish their predicament was ours. We'd be forced to address it head on, moving our allies to help find a solution as well.

The cause of the problem is partially rooted in Syria's civil war, now nearly 6-years-old, and the rise of the Islamic State. Our current "solutions" are to use airstrikes and train the Iraqi military. In reality, these do nothing to stop migrants from seeking asylum in the West.

The US's decision to get involved in Iraq and Syria in the first place is the primary cause for this mass migration. And like with so many other problems we've caused, we skirt away from finding a solution, leaving it to others.

Mindlessly bombing people and training others to kill isn't the solution. The West must put aside its Christian-oriented nationalism and accept as many refugees as it can. The United States must stop supplying infinite rebel groups and inhumane allies. Only then do we starve terrorist groups and leave Assad to his fate.

Shon Loftus,


The writer is a senior at Lenox Memorial High School and an independent journalist.


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