Letter: Pittsfield readies students for a changing world

To the editor:

After reading the Jan. 6 letter, "A grim Walmart plan, but what is the alternative?" I was quite disgusted. Although I agree that the proposed Walmart site may not be the best for Pittsfield, I strongly disagree with the statement that Pittsfield has "poor quality schools.

As a fourth-grade teacher at Allendale Elementary School, in the neighborhood of the once thriving General Electric Co., I know for a fact that Pittsfield Public Schools are far from poor. Pittsfield has endured an ever changing society, population and economy. Our schools are on the forefront for teaching and helping children to become successful and upstanding citizens, employees and contributors to our society.

Speaking on behalf of all Pittsfield Public Schools employees and students, we "try like hell" to prepare our youth intellectually, socially and emotionally for this ever changing and difficult world that we face. Rather than looking elsewhere, maybe it's time for everyone to invest in Pittsfield and take notice of the strengths that we do have, especially our educational system.

Ashley Malumphy,



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