Letter: Only public schools deserve public funds

To the editor:

Letter writer Laszlo Melchiori suggests (March 12) that the way to save St Joseph High School and similar schools is to steal money from the public schools and to hand it over to private special interests. This is a complete insult to our American tradition of free and universal public education, available to all without discrimination, a tradition that supports our position as the leading technical and academic nation in all of history.

Of course, Mr Melchiori does not say it quite that way. He hides his intentions behind a smokescreen of "vouchers" and "choice" and "teacher's unions" and other emotionally charged terms, but he's not fooling anyone.

Parochial schools are another thread in our traditional American education tapestry, and they can work quite well when supported by their community. But if the community cannot pay for the school, then the school is going to close. It would be a destructive plan, to rescue failing operations by sucking funds away from successful operations.

The bottom line is that Massachusetts already has the best school system in the world — better even than the Finnish schools that we hear so much about — but that fact gets drowned in the din of unceasing propaganda financed by the likes of now-Education Secretary DeVos. They have their own purposes for destroying the public school systems, and you can be sure it's not for the benefit of the students.

So in a place where a public school does not perform well, let us let us fix that school. There is no need to burn down the entire system, diverting public funds to a ramshackle alternative with poorly trained teachers and no job security, on the promise that this new system will most definitely be completely better in every way.

Lynne Roberson,



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