Letter: Lavery platform makes case for Becket election

To the editor:

Saturday is Becket's annual town election. In May, nearly 200 residents participated in our annual Town Meeting process. We have both a pre-meeting and annual meeting to review and vote on our town warrant, allowing candidates to speak during each meeting.

After observing Michael Lavery speak to the Becket voters to discuss why he has stepped to the plate for a town leadership role, carefully laying out his platform for office, I'm with Mike!

Michael has both computer science and communication (BA CS and MA in communications) in his tool box. He is focused on Becket having the best high speed broadband internet possible and keeping Becket a green community with a focus on fossil free energy resources for both municipal and residential properties. This could open up new small businesses in our hilltown community to bring in and keep our young residents in Becket.

Vote Michael Lavery for Becket Select Board! Polls are open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday.     

Tommie L. Hutto-Blake,



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