Letter: Don't alter Rockwell for political statement

To the editor:

First let me state my admiration for the magnificent display of support for the ideals that have come to characterize the best of American culture (Four Freedoms march and rally, Jan. 8.) What took me aback, however, was the front page photo of four posters being carried by marchers at the rally.

Why did the maker of those posters find it necessary to alter two of the most revered illustrations from its most beloved artist? To plagiarize or otherwise change Norman Rockwell's work for the sake of political correctness tells me that the point made by the current political division in our country has been totally missed by some.

The message conveyed by Rockwell's classic "Four Freedoms" stands on its own without the need for "racialization" or "genderization" adjustment. Sadly, it seems to me that the day when we can all look at "Freedom of Speech" and "Freedom from Fear" and appreciate the blessings they celebrate without even thinking about the race or sex of the characters is still in the distant future. Please respect the heritage Rockwell is showing us and look past the trees to see the forest.

Robert L. Meyers,



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