Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Nov. 7-11


NOV. 7-11


Wells Fargo Bank NA sold property at 46 Melrose St., Adams, to Arthur Kraamwinkel, $70,000.

Stacie L. Burnett and Jack E. Houghton sold property at 170 Orchard St., Adams, to Debra A. and Paul A. Trzcinski, $85,000.


Samuel M. Salem III and Rachal A. Salem, f/k/a Rachal A. Messenger, sold property at 329 Little John Drive, Becket, to Heart and Home Realty LLC, Trustee of 329 Little John Drive Land Trust, $12,500.


Donna M. Whitcomb and Brenda J. Alibozek sold property at 547 North Eagle St., Clarksburg, to Kaitlin A. Lavalley, $112,000.


Serafin and Katherine W. Garcia sold property at 43 Eleanor Road, Dalton, to Luke DelSoldato, $122,500.

Cheryl L. Stengl and Donna L. Lavigne, Personal Reps. of the Estate of Coralie M. Ingraham, sold property at 69 Oak St. Ext., Dalton, to Corinne J. Biberger, $159,000.

Crane & Co. Inc. sold property at 91 South St., Dalton, to Daniel E. Clukey, $30,000.

Bank of New York Mellon, Trustee, sold property at 200 South St., Dalton, to Kelly J. O'Neill, $75,500.

John K. and Gayle A. Flippin sold property at 895 Main St., Dalton, to Robert C. Royce and Hope F. Lenhart, $187,500.

Stephen L. Bird II sold property at 270 Main St., Dalton, to William J. Basiliere, $15,000.


Andrew D. Hill and Patricia Hill sold property at Castle Hill Avenue, Great Barrington, to Thomas Wessel and Margaret M. McTeigue, $82,500.


US Bank NA, Trustee, sold property at 2256 Hancock Road, Hancock, to Zachary N. and Charlene E. Lambert, $50,000.


Andrew McMeekin sold property at 68 Dublin St., Lee, to Lisa Anne Baumbach, $160,000.

Natalie C. Shiras sold property at 155 High St., Lee, to Scott and Emily Moraes, $258,000.

Paul C. and Joyce E. Monachina sold property at 20 Lana Ave., Lee, to Marc E. Lanoue and Elsa Herraez Hernandez, $200,000.


Timothy R. and Catherine M. McLevish sold property at 6 Meadow Lane, Unit 9, Lenox, to Barry I. Carman, $210,000.

Harold S. and Joan R. Schwartz sold property at 7 Fairwynds Drive, Lenox, to Joshua L. Dubin and Tracey Stein, $850,000.

Laurie B. Irwin, Trustee of the Shirley G. Benson Revocable Trust 2002, sold property at 879 East St., Lenox, to Kelsey H. McMeekin, $238,000.

Lenore Katherine Smith sold property at 17 West St., Lenox, to Chabad of Berkshire County Inc., $685,000.


Nathaniel C. Vinton and Elizabeth S. Vinton sold property at 166 Norfolk Road, New Marlborough, to Damian Van Denburgh and Mary Firmani Van Denburgh, $255,000.


Wells Fargo Bank NA sold property at 102 Ashton Ave., North Adams, to Beyond Place LLC, $77,700.

Scarafoni Associates NT and David G. Carver sold property at 18 Holden St., Unit 18, North Adams, to Fran A. and Pamela J. Rosasco, $88,000.


Albert A. Lynn sold property at C Street, Otis, to Karen Sue Curry, $10,000.

Otis Lake Partners LLC sold property at 1367 Reservoir Road, 1754 East Otis Road & West Shore Road, Otis, to D & J Development LLC, $3,100,000.

Albert A. and Shirley E. Lynn sold property at 130 Ridge Ave., Otis, to Phillip A. and Sheila G. Lynn, $100,000.


Adams Community Bank, Steven T. and Nancy J. Wiehl sold property at 249 Mountain Drive, Pittsfield, to Vladan and Ljiljana Markovic, $452,000.

Krishni M. De Thabrew sold property at 59 Commonwealth Ave., Pittsfield, to Avram S. and Nataliya Dresner, $302,000.

Leon C. Henry III and Caitlyn M. Henry, f/k/a Caitlyn M. Waldheim, sold property at 282 Connecticut Ave., Pittsfield, to Sydney D. Zavatter, $161,000.

JLB Pittsfield LLC sold property at 630 Merrill Road, Pittsfield, to Christine Diarbakerly, Trustee of 586 Main Street Realty Trust, $2,369,000.

CitiFinancial Servicing LLC sold property at 30 Lucille St., Pittsfield, to Roytay LLC, $26,000.

Hugh S. Quirk sold property at 1249 North St., Pittsfield, to North End Auto Services Inc., $100,000.

Rakeshkumar M. Vyas sold property at 36 Sunset St., Pittsfield, to Shaivesh B. Patel, $142,500.

Ralph Mancini, Individually, and Dorothy M. Dushane, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Kenneth Harley Dushane, sold property at 35 Bartlett Ave., Pittsfield, to Bradley D. and Dawn M. Simpson, $141,500.


Charles T. Carman sold property at 184 Yokun Road, Richmond, to Stephen J. Roth and Stephanie I. Solow, $429,000.


Hull Forestlands LP sold property at Webster Road, Tyringham, to David Thompson Challinor, Mason Challinor and Nels Challinor, $150,000.


JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A., Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York, Lila W. Berle, Estate of H. George Wilde a/k/a Helm George Wilde, Balgen Machine Company Inc., Charlene F. Gennari, and Estate of Arthur P. Gennari Sr., sold property at Maple Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Lori Robbins, Trustee of Maple Hill Road Realty Trust, $2,300,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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