Ask The Doctors: Blocked eustachian tubes can cause problems

Q: My hearing loss is related to my Eustachian tubes: They stay closed. I can open them and improve my hearing by holding my nose and blowing, but the effect lasts only a short time. Hearing aids don't help. What can I do?A: First, let's consider …

Health Take-Away: Take responsibility of your own health with these tips

As concerns swirl around the future of healthcare coverage in this country, there's a tendency to think that our personal health revolves largely around doctor's appointments, runs to the pharmacy and an occasional trip to the hospital. But the …

Peak time for flu, colds: Why does sickness surge in winter's chilly temperatures?

As winter drags on, so does the season for colds, stomach viruses, strep and the flu.Many illnesses occur most frequently in the winter months. And peak season can last through May.It's not clear why winter brings so many health woes, says Pritish …

Cheesy spinach lasagna is great make-ahead meal

In the quest for Big Crowd Food, lasagna reigns supreme. And at this time of year, you may find yourself entertaining a big crowd for a basketball game party or just because it's cold out and it's nice to put together a cozy gathering.This lasagna …

Nan Pizza is a fun way to eat the flavors of India

This nan pizza is a fun way to eat the flavors of India in America's favorite food. The popular chicken tikka masala is widely believed to have been created in England for the British palate and is actually the national dish. But it is so tasty that …

Greek salad with flank steak is quick meal

Quite often, I think a simple Greek salad is perfect as is, no adornments needed. But you may notice that in many eateries, from diners to higher-end restaurants, you often get a choice of added protein, usually chicken, shrimp or steak. And it's …
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Book Review: Desperation, tragedy cloak everything in Joy's new novel

Trailers, churches and meth houses dot the Blue Ridge Mountains landscape of David Joy's latest novel, "The Weight of This World." It's here we meet Aiden McCall and Thad Broom, friends since childhood and tethered together by neglect and violence. …

Book Review: 'Roanoke Girls' is storytelling at its finest

Book Review: New novel imagines Lincoln amid ghosts after son's death

Scene: Stars come out for Williamstown Theatre Festival's Spring Gala

NEW YORK CITY — The Williamstown Theatre Festival honored one of its own during its annual Gala at TAO Downtown NYC on March 13.    In addition to being feted by Festival …

The Scene: Art lovers flock to Berkshire Art Association's 10X10 RAP

PITTSFIELD — Artists of the Berkshires and beyond, Berkshire Art Association board members, honored guests and art collectors filled the Berkshire Museum’s ballroom for the sixth annual 10x10 RAP, or Real Art Party, the fundraiser benefiting local art students.

Scene: Berkshire Young Professionals' bash goes back in time

PITTSFIELD — Entering the Berkshire Museum on Friday night was like stepping into a time machine: The Berkshire Young Professionals’ Back in Time Bash went all out to transport and …

How to help children with autism make — and keep — friends

Matthew rarely was invited to birthday parties or play groups as a young child. On the few occasions he was included, his mother said a prayer and "hoped nothing bad would happen," she recalls.

Restoring cabinet veneer may take more than elbow grease

Fairy gardens captivate imaginations of all ages

Stargazers: Realm of the Galaxies is a stunning sight

After the moon sets this week, get away from bright city lights and take a gander at a pristine rural sky.If you do this, I recommend you sit back, relax and think about what lies before you. Every light you see in the heavens is a distant sun many …

Thom Smith: Pigeons seem to be on a decline in the region

Q: Has anyone noticed that there has been a decrease in pigeons in the area?— Concerned A: While others have noticed, and have been noticing since the late 1960s, the decline didn't cause me much concern.

Thom Smith | Naturewatch: Flocks of cardinals at feeders not that uncommon

Q: I recently noticed something I hadn't seen before. On March 11, I saw a flock of cardinals ground feeding beneath our bird feeder in Pittsfield. There were five males and a female. Is it unusual for cardinals to flock like this?— Florian, …

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