5 ways acupuncture can improve your health

Western medicine in the 21st century is turning to ancient knowledge and techniques to alleviate many conditions and pains that have eluded even the most highly developed medical and pharmacological treatments.Acupuncture is one such ancient …

Ask the Doctors: Antihistamines to treat insomnia not advised

Q: I'm leery of sleep drugs, so I've been taking Benadryl to help me sleep. Now I read that it should be taken only for a limited time. What's the story on this drug?A: Diphenhydramine HCL, or Benadryl, is a sedating antihistamine. The medication …

Marathons can affect your health - even if you're not running

Marathons can be risky for hearts, but not necessarily those of the runners. It takes longer for nearby residents to get to a hospital for emergency heart care on the day of a race and they're less likely to survive, a U.S. study finds.

This strawberry season, make a dessert inspired by cannoli

I developed this recipe to take advantage of strawberry season. Some of you are naturally scratching your head. "Strawberry season? Name a time of year that isn't strawberry season." And it certainly can feel that way.Strawberries are grown in all …

Mustard, sherry inspire adult-friendly chicken tenders

I mentioned to my husband recently that I had mastered an oven-baked chicken tender recipe, and his response was a little underwhelming; dismissive even. It sounded like a healthier version of a restaurant kid's meal, and frankly, he wasn't …

Stuck for a side dish? Grab a few oranges and add toppings

My mom was a wannabe urban farmer long before it was cool. Living in the city limits didn't stop us from growing our own veggies in a backyard garden that flanked a huge handmade chicken coop, where we raised hens for eggs. (I'll take this …
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Baldacci's 'The Fix' is a compelling puzzler

"The Fix," the latest in David Baldacci's series featuring Detective Amos Decker — the man who cannot forget anything — is a compelling puzzler.Baldacci has the ability to tell a story that at first glance seems simple, but quickly …

True-crime narrative: Oil wealth, greed, prejudice fueled murders of Osage Indians

'Notes on a Banana' takes readers on coming-of-age journey

The Scene: Fashion lovers flock to BerkChique

GREAT BARRINGTON — We women wish to be fashion fabulous. It’s our unique way to express ourselves and flaunt our truest colors from the inside out. We glow with confidence and self-assurance in clothing and accessories that emulate our spirit and give us wings to fly. So it’s only natural that when we see the word “sale” on clothing, you better believe we’ll flock like geese in search of the perfect bag, shoe, dress or jewelry to match our distinctive and flowering personalities.

The Scene: High Mud Comedy Fest brings laughs just at the right time

NORTH ADAMS — The definition of mud is what dirt (mixture of soils) turns to after a heavy rain, which seems to characterize the well-seasoned mix of local and national comedians in their candid and "not suited to those under the age of 16" performances in the High Mud Comedy Fest at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art throughout the weekend.

Scene: Stars come out for Williamstown Theatre Festival's Spring Gala

NEW YORK CITY — The Williamstown Theatre Festival honored one of its own during its annual Gala at TAO Downtown NYC on March 13.    In addition to being feted by Festival …

6 things you should stop doing to your dining room table

When your dining room table gets upgraded from a Craigslist score to a polished wood beauty, it's time for a lesson in the care and feeding of fine furniture. A good-quality dining table, whether new, vintage or antique, can be a major investment, …

Mind Your Manners: If you get an invitation, respond promptly

Instead of dyeing Easter eggs, try decoupage

Thom Smith | Naturewatch: Earth Day is more than one day a year

Just as Passover has eight days, and Christmas has twelve, Earth Day has 365 with an extra day added every four years. Impetus for Earth Day's birth on April 22, 1970, began with Rachel Carson's New York Times bestseller "Silent Spring" in 1962. …

Stargazers: Mooning around with Jupiter

It was little over four centuries ago that the great Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei first aimed his telescope skyward. It's amazing how many people believe that it was he who invented the telescope, but this was most likely an invention from …

Ron Kujawski | Garden Journal: With a little care, life of Easter plants can be extended

There always seems to be a moment during holidays, such as Easter, when many of us find our minds adrift in reflections of past celebrations. For someone as well ripened as me, that can go back a long way.

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